Anthromatrix 2.6 

Artwork of Maxx

Hi and welcome to my Homepage. A website focusing on "muscle-anthro" artwork. Here is the place where I exhibit things of my creative mind to everyone who's interested in it.

The links on the left side are self-explaining and bring you to my galleries. But be warned: If you have any problems with homo-erotic content and male nudity you'll better leave this site by using this link: klick me

I hope you like my work and enjoy your stay at my humble website. Feel free to drop me a line. Construktive criticism is as welcome as smalltalk.

News and updates:

25.10.2017: new pictures added: "Bedtime"
29.05.2017: new fanart picture added: "Blanka"
16.10.2016: new picture added: Dragon in "pool" (naked)
19.04.2016: new picture added: Cyborg Minotaur (reg/naked)
26.10.2015: new fanart picture added: "Talon"
06.09.2015: new fanart picture added: "Mike & Charlie"

Latest Pictures:

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